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For Rosemount 3051S transmitter,How to connect the signal line and ground?

  • Date:2023-05-30
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    When wiring the Rosemount 3051S transmitter, do not place the signal line and power line together in conduit or open cable tray, or near large electrical equipment. Ground termination devices are provided inside the sensor module and terminal cavity. When it is necessary to install integrated lightning protection terminal blocks or comply with local regulatory requirements, these grounding termination devices should be used.

1. Remove the on-site terminal housing cover.

2. Connect in pairs as shown in the diagram and ground it.

The cable shielding layer should:

    1). Trim the electronic component housing of the transmitter flat and not in contact with it.

    2). Continuously connect to the terminal point.

    3). Properly ground the power supply terminal.


    A. Insulation shielding layer

    B. Minimize distance

    C. Connect the shielding layer back to the power ground wire

    D. Trim the shielding layer and insulation layer

    E. Safe grounding

3. Replace the housing cover. It is recommended to tighten the cover until there is no gap between the cover and the shell.

4. Use the provided conduit plug to block and seal unused conduit interfaces