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SAMSON 3730 Original High Performance Hart digital smart feedback 3730-2 3730-3 valve positioner


Samson Positioner 3730-3



        Electropneumatic positioner with HART® communication


  • Die-cast aluminum or stainless steel housing

  • Attachment to linear actuators according to IEC 60534-6, VDI/VDE 3847, or SAMSON integral attachment

  • Attachment to rotary actuators according to VDI/VDE 3845

  • Attachment to double-acting actuators with Type 3710 Reversing Amplifier

  • Integrated EXPERTplus diagnostics for control valves

  • Any desired mounting position of the positioner (but not suspended)

  • Simple one-knob, menu-driven operation

  • Easy-to-read display in any mounting position thanks to rotatable reading direction

  • Configurable with a computer over the SSP interface using the TROVIS-VIEW software

  • Variable automatic start-up thanks to four different initialization modes

  • Preset parameters, only values deviating from the standard need to be adjusted

  • Calibrated travel sensor without gears susceptible to wear

  • Sub (substitution) initialization mode allows the positioner to be started up in case of emergency whilst the plant is running without having to change the valve position.

  • All parameters saved in non-volatile EEPROM

  • Two-wire system with small electrical load of 410 Ω

  • Adjustable output pressure limitation

  • Adjustable tight-closing function

  • Automatic zero monitoring

  • Integrated temperature sensor and operating hours counter

  • Two standard programmable position alarms

  • Self-diagnostics

  • Messages as condensed state conforming to NAMUR Recommendation NE 107, issued over a fault alarm contact or optional analog position transmitter

  • DTM file available for integration into FDT frame applications according to specification 1.2


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